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Have you been looking for software that manages your yoga business? Look no further.

Yoga Sage is the perfect software solution to run your yoga studio. It represents the encapsulation of industry best-practices for yoga studio management. It has been extensively field tested in busy yoga studios in New York City. Yoga Sage has consistently exceeded expectations in ease of use, system installation & management, reporting and necessary features.

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Yoga Sage provides an easy-to-use Windows interface that is similar to the applications you currently use today. Software functions are organized by business function which results in minimal training time for your desk staff. If don't already have well-defined processes for running your studio, Yoga Sage will provide the structure required to teach you and your staff how to effectively run the studio.

Yoga Sage was designed with a "class-and-register-centric" methodology. In other words, the software allows the user to concentrate on two of the most important (and usually most hectic) tasks involved in running the desk: checking in students and accepting payments. These tasks are designed to be completely streamlined to ensure that this process is accomplished quickly and accurately every time.

System Installation & Management
The administration of the Yoga Sage software is so easy, even a novice user can be up and running in minimal time. Initial setup is extremely quick and is implemented as a standard Windows install program coupled with our online tutorial for initial customization to your specific business needs.

Once the software is installed and configured, you need only manage new students and classes. Everything else is handled, seamlessly in the background.

Yoga Sage includes a custom reporting engine for creating and printing many different types of reports for both the operational and strategic sides of your business. These reports can be generated from within Yoga Sage and then viewed & printed from inside your standard web browser software.

Through extensive market research and user testing, a robust list of features has been implementing in the Yoga Sage software. Users are often surprised with the power available at their fingertips, especially since it's wrapped in such a simple package.

A list of features is presented here:
  • Class Management
    • view a list of today's classes, future classes or all classes
    • add/edit/delete classes
    • create recurring, weekly classes
    • automatically archive classes
  • Pre-Register Students for Classes
    • allow students with Pre-Paid Class Cards to reserve class space by pre-registering for class beforehand
  • Class Sign-In
    • quickly sign students into a class by name
    • supports multiple payment types and "quick buy" buttons
    • class registration automatically adds the required transactions in the Cash Register
    • view total number of students signed in
    • lists students in alphabetical order
    • shows how many classes are left on a student's Pre-Paid Class Card
    • view Pre-Paid Class Cards for a specific student
    • view Classes taken on a specific student's Pre-Paid Class Card
    • print Class Sign-In report
  • Cash Register
    • add/delete transactions
    • admin: add/delete cash register adjustments
    • admin: edit starting balance and closed status
    • shows starting balance, current cash amount, current check amount, current credit card amount and current total amount
    • transactions track product, student, payment type, quantity, unit cost and total cost
    • "Finalize Register" process encapsulates checking the cash drawer and setting it up for the following day
    • print transactions by payment type report
    • print transactions summarized by payment type report
    • class registration transactions automatically added when students sign in
    • Pre-Paid Class Card purchases automatically create a pre-paid class card linked to the purchasing student
  • Reports
    • Teacher Payout for any date range.
    • Pre-Paid Class Cards expiring this month
    • Class Sign-In
    • Cash Register (in many forms)
    • Invoice
    • Student Email List
    • Retail Product Sales for any date range
    • Class Attendance Count for any date range
  • Student Management
    • add/edit/delete student contact and liability information
    • view pre-paid class cards associated with a student
  • Teacher Management
    • admin: add/edit/delete teacher contact information
    • admin: assign a customizable pay rate to each teacher
  • Teacher Pay Scale Management
    • flexible teacher pay scale where you can specify:
      • base pay per class
      • increment pay per student
      • pay maximum
    • different pay scales per teacher per class
  • Pre-Paid Class Card Type Management
    • flexible pre-paid class cards where you can specify:
      • number of classes
      • card duration
  • Pre-Paid Class Card Management
    • view any student's pre-paid class card
    • view classes taken towards a class card total
  • Dual-Level Security
    • password protect advanced administration features and information
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